Restaurant Equipment Leasing

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Restaurant Equipment Leasing

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Up to $150,000 with a One Page Application. No Financials. 24 Hour Decisions.

Keep your cash on hand by leasing or financing the equipment your small business needs. Even if you have healthy cash reserves, restaurant equipment leasing can provide business owners with additional liquidity and potential tax benefits.

Whether you want your first point of sale system or need to purchase a fleet of delivery vehicles, Windsor Funds can help you get the financing you need.

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Program Parameters:

-Loan/Lease Limits Up to $150,000
-24 Hour Turnaround times
-New Equipment
-Pre-owned or Used Equipment
-Terms up to 60 months
-Low rates, fixed payments
-Same Day Funding options
-Tax deductible interest and early pay off options

Windsor Funds can arrange restaurant equipment leasing and restaurant equipment loans so you can acquire the money you need quickly with limited paperwork. Our clients get the financing they need with manageable payments that allows you to keep your cash on hand and manage your monthly cash flow.

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Why Lease?

There are many benefits to Restaurant Equipment Leasing. New restaurant operations are heavily dependent on cash reserves and cash flow. Restaurant Equipment Leasing offers an opportunity to preserve cash and start-up capital and allows for predictable monthly payment.

Keep Your Cash in Hand- Leasing allows restaurants to get the equipment they need without negatively effecting your liquidity.

Get Fixed Rates and Payments – Once you choose a term that right for your restaurant or operation, the rates are locked in for the duration of the lease. This creates a predictable budget for monthly cash flow and allows for more accurate budgeting.

Navigate Seasonal Business Cycles – Some restaurants do not operate all year or experience extreme fluctuation in business depending on the season. Leasing commercial restaurant equipment allows these types of businesses to maintain smaller budgets and plan ahead.

Make Much Needed Upgrades – The costs to update a kitchen are high. Leasing new equipment allows owners to update their kitchen and grow their menu without taking on the full cost all at once. Restaurant operators often use Restaurant Equipment Leasing to purchase expensive pieces of equipment that would otherwise be unobtainable.

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